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"Party To Murder"

1930's comedy whodunnit in 3 acts - Writer Robert Lawrence and his wife Barbara are throwing a party in their smart apartment in London's west end,their guests are a mixed bag of acquaintances; none of which BOTH of them like!

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"Rehearsal for Murder"

Comedy whodunnit in 2 acts set in the present
A Lottery winner uses his fortune to attempt to re-create a season of Repertory in a run down seaside theatre.

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"Dr Jekkyl and Mr Hyde...Together Again!"

A Comedy set in a small town
where the local drama group is attempting to stage the 'world premiere' of a new musical based on the classic story!

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"Murder at Westenhangar"

Set on 21st June 1963 - A group of friends trespass into the ruins of Westenhangar Castle, Hythe, Kent to celebrate the summer solstice, unaware that it was the medieval home of "The Fair Rosamund" - mistress to King Henry II.

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"Twilight Song"

In 2 acts
The play begins in "Rose Nicholls new bedroom in "SUNNYFIELDS" Residential Home for the elderly on 19th February 2004.

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"Nothing to Lose"

Originally commissioned for the Broadstairs Dickens Festival in 2007
This piece tells the story (with Music Hall music and songs of the period) of the formation of a fictional "Concert Party" troupe around the turn of the century.

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