"Party to Murder"

Party to Murder A 1930's Comedy Whodunnit in 3 acts.
Writer Robert Lawrence and his wife Barbara are throwing a party in their smart apartment in London's west end,their guests are a mixed bag of acquaintances; none of which BOTH of them like!

They are; old 'friends' Major Powes-Staunton, and his apparently downtrodden second wife Peggy, who, in order to blur the edges of an unfulfilled life drinks too much; much to the irritation of the Major, and the sometimes embarrassment of their circle of friends.

Barbara's indulged little brother Hughie Carr has been invited, and as his date brings Francine Hall; a nightclub entertainer with a reputation for the high life, unfortunately for Robert, he did not know of Hughie and Francine's relationship and when it transpires that he himself has shared a few 'dates' with her; while Barbara was away visiting relatives there is quite a problem!

New residents of the apartment block are a Mrs Wilkes and her plain daughter Alice, who Barbara has only invited because Barbara felt sorry for them.

Completing the guest list is Billy De-Vine a sometime actor and full time socialite, and Tim Mitchell, the pianist from "Murrays" Nightclub; all of whom have their own skeletons in the cupboard!

Act 2 comprises of songs from the period performed by some of the more 'outgoing' guests; much to the chagrin of the temperamental housekeeper Mrs Walker. This sets the scene for a "Party to Murder" where one of the guests will be murdered; and it transpires that most of the guests have a motive!


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"Party to Murder"

Theatre Royal, Margate
Friday 1st March 2013 at 2.30pm | Saturday 2nd March 2013 at 7.30pm
Sunday 3rd March 2013 at 2.30pm

“A thrilling play, packed with comedy and the fine gloss of 1930's chic... a sure fire winner!”
Tickets £10.00 | Don't delay - book today!

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