"Rehearsal for Murder"

Reheasearsal for murder A Comedy Whodunnit in 2 acts; set in the present.
A Lottery winner uses his fortune to attempt to re-create a season of Repertory in a run down seaside theatre. He has assembled a motley crew of actors, some 'seasoned' pros, and other 'raw' beginners; all with their own insecurities that unfold as rehearsals take place for the next week's production "Murder on the Farm".

"C.J." who is never seen; his instructions are passed on to the the actors via the "Artistic Director" Helen "Tiggy" Winston, and the unfortunate and put upon Wardrobe Mistress/Box Office Clerk/Stage Manager/Usherette/Ice Cream Seller and cleaner; Liz White.

The actors comprise of; Augustus Trimble; an actor of the old school, who finds it difficult to remember his lines, and sometimes even stay awake, who has only got the job because he and Helen shared a "Rep romance in Bournemouth in 1957! Fran Harris; his exact opposite, is a "Method Actress" fresh from drama school, Darren "Daz" Stevens, the young acting ASM who dreams only of Hollywood success and is doing this job very much on sufferance!

The leading lady is Edna Fairbrass; a 'mature' actress who has an inflated idea of her status; both in the business in general, and in this rep company in particular! Stephanie Williams is her nemesis; having been brought in to take the lead in "Murder on the Farm" and subsequently to replace Edna completely! Stephanie is the only actor who has actually seen "C.J." having been given the job after a one to one 'audtion' over the course of a weekend in Brighton.

The acting company is completed by Charlie Hyams, a comic actor who supplements his income by being "Uncle Charlie" at the local holiday centre on Thursday afternoons, and working at the wet fish shop on the High Street on Saturday mornings.

Their egos, and the claustrophobic backstage atmosphere combine to make a recipe for murder!


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