"Twilight Song"

Twilight-songIn Two Acts
The play begins in "Rose Nicholls new bedroom in "SUNNYFIELDS" Residential Home for the elderly on 19th February 2004.

Action also takes place in "The Quiet Lounge" at "Sunnyfields" and the front room of Rose's house; 92 Tavistock Road, Swanley, Kent.

In act two, the locations are the same, but we see 92 Tavistock Road in the past at different dates from 1966.

The play explores a situation in which an elderly lady has to be placed in a residential home, and we see it though her eyes, and those of her family, who in addition to suffering the usual guilt at their relative going into care, have to clear her house.

Rose does not appear to have thrown anything away for a number of years, and some secrets are unveiled as Rose's daughter Sue and her Grandson Gary begin the unenviable task!

Sue has always had a rather strained relationship with her Mum, and an absent daughter, Ann seems to be Rose's favourite. This injustice is emphasised as Ann's actions over many years become evident!

The other regular residents of "The Quiet Lounge" at "Sunnyfields" have to make adjustments for the new addition to their home, and Maisie Goring and Sylvia Crint have their own stories to tell.

We see two members of the "Sunnyfields" staff; Mary Seldon, the senior carer, who is training young 18 year old Jenny Mills in the underpaid and demanding career of being a care assistant.

As the story develops we discover secrets and disapointments Rose has carried with her and towards the end, both Rose and Sue appreciate qualities in each other that had not been evident previously.
All this and more... is the story of "Twilight Song"


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