Other Entertainments

We offer a variety of other entertainments to enhance any event you may wish to present, each entertainment is different, and mostly can be timed to your exact requirements and venue.

For example, a special birthday celebration, anniversary, wedding day will be made all the more memorable with the right entertainment! If there is something you are thinking about not listed, just contact us, we have nearly 40 years experience to help you achieve success for your event!


    Anthea and Harry Preston and Simon Gregory lead our team of professional Actors who will prepare a programme of entertaining poetry: old and new, well known and obscure, funny and heartwarming, reflective and poignant. You may be surprised at just how entertaining the spoken word can be!


    Classical Piano is the perfect choice for that extra touch for a classy evening or afternoon.

    Contemporary music is thrilling and stimulating, again , classy especially for dinner.

  • 1980s DUO

    Paul and Syroon bring back all your 1980’s favourites in one great presentation.


    The sophisticated sound of Swing warms the heart, feeds the soul- for that great atmosphere.


    Fireside Ghost Stories are a continuation of our Poetry events, but do need a Fire!
    Imagine, your guests have had a great dinner in your hotel or restaurant, the candles are lit, the lights are low, the fire is crackling, your guests  gather round the fire with coffee’s and liqueurs, and for 30 or 40 minutes, they are taken into the spine tingling world of ghosts and things that go ‘bump in the night’! What a great, very different end to a fabulous meal.


    We can make your party go with a Knees Up/ Singalong , plus ballads, comedy and audience participation.


    Gordon has a celebrated series - see the Public Speaking page for full details »

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements around any of these entertainments.