Public Speaking

These acclaimed series of talks are presented to a variety of different organisations including:

  • Active Retirement Associations
  • Women's Institutes
  • Townswomen's Guilds and all manner of organisations and societies.

See below for the series that we offer:

  • "My Life in the Theatre & the World of Entertainment"

    Outlines the early ambitions to make the stage a career, born from regular visits to "The Black and White Minstrel Show" at the Victoria Palace, London and the summer season shows staged in theatres in Margate in the 60's and 70's. leading through childhood and youthful attempts to 'get on the stage'; humourous anecdotes and stories abound through to presenting summer seasons, pantomimes, children shows, and plays!

  • "My Life in the Theatre & the World of Entertainment"

    A continuation of the first talk; telling stories of touring, television "extra" work, and much much more, up to the present!

  • "Music Hall, Pantomime & their effect on each other"

    The history of Music Hall and Pantomime, plus hilarious stories of these two British theatrical institutions ! finishing with a "songsheet" presentation of that classic pantomime audience participation song "Tiddley Winky Woo "!

  • "The Light Hearted Theory of Comedy"

    Gags, Gags, Gags; exploring the theory of comedy, and what makes us laugh!

  • "Songs Inc."

    A presentation that combines theatrical chat, along with songs, referencing Gordon's career in showbusiness.

They are both entertaining and informative and they last from 45 minutes to an hour to the convenience of the group; as part of meetings, coffee mornings and dinners.