The Golden Hour of Entertainment

Our Golden Hour of Entertainment, visits Day Centres, Residential Homes for the Elderly, and Retirement organisations. There are 3 different programmes plus a special festive version.

There are numerous costume changes throughout, as well as humour and anecdotes about life in the theatre, which triggers even more memories for the audience; either about theatres and shows visited when they were younger, or sometimes indeed about themselves or relatives who have been in showbusiness!

The audience can be assured of a great theatrical experience, brought to any venue; each performance being different and can be 'slanted' to appeal to that particular audience, from E.M.I. Clients, to active retirement groups, and every one in between!

For special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, Summer, or Easter, the show can supplement a performance with other performers and musicians to put together a presentation as big or small as your venue or event requires. These hour long shows are excellent value.

Running time: 1 hour
For the standard Golden Hour programme, a minimum of 30 minutes set up time is required. For the Festive Specials and those programmes involving other performers and live musicians, longer may be needed, and we would request somewhere to dress, as all these programmes are costumed.

First 'Gordon Clarkson Golden Hour' performance in over two and a half years!

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  • News Item - 18th October 2021

    It was with more than some trepidation that I approached my first solo performance for over two and a half years. It was the second of two contracted shows, which had been postponed at least twice.

    I had done a Murder Mystery weekend in August, and a 12 minute guest spot in a show, plus one performance of a pantomime in September, but in the case of the Murder Mystery and the Panto, I was surrounded by friends in my own productions, and in the case of the guest spot, supported by technicians. This time, it was just me. For an hour. Operating my own recorded tracks.

    I asked myself, could I still do it? Could I entertain while operating the equipment and not let anyone down?

    I prepared well in advance, rehearsed assiduously, collected the costumes and props together needed for the four costume changes, rehearsed again, and again, and finally it was time to pack the car and go. No going back.

    I arrived a full hour before the performance time to set up, and dressed outwardly calmly, but very anxious inside, and suddenly, I was on.
    Like riding a bike, wobbling a little at first, then relaxing, enjoying, freewheeling even!

    I was back spreading happiness and it felt great. Below is the email I received when I returned home, which brought me happiness in return!

    "Dear Gordon,
    Thank you for coming to Rosedene today. We all enjoyed your show very much.
    You really did cheer everyone. We feel privileged  every time you perform for us as you always bring the feel of the theatre with you. A true professional."
    Kelly Chapman