Murder Is The Key

1920's murder mystery event in your own home!

  • Impress your friends: Host your own professional Murder Mystery!
  • Ideal for Evening Dinners/Lunches/Afternoon Cream Teas
  • Perfect for any Celebration or Occasion
  • You and your Guests are the Detectives!

'Murder is the Key' is a brand new edition in our popular range of interactive Murder Mystery Events in association with Teaspoon Productions.

We have been working together in association with Teaspoon for 8 years on Murder Mystery Events, however 2019 saw us upgrading and designing new editions for hotels, restaurants, and theatres.

In your home or hired venue.

Set in the 1920's, it features a grown up brother and sister whose relationship, when they are together for any length of time, reverts to childhood jealousy and long held family grudges.
They are attending your event as guests, however, the arrival of a mysterious stranger sets off a chain of events in which a murder is revealed!

It is up to your guests to establish why and when the murder took place, and hopefully reveal the identity of the murderer! They do this by keeping eyes peeled and ears pricked to eavesdrop on the characters and pick up clues throughout, and study the props to establish motive and opportunity! The successful detective - or team recieve a bottle of 'bubbly'.

The event would normally take place over a three course meal, although this can be adjusted to accompany a light lunch, or even a Cream Tea.

We encourage you to invite your guests to get into the spirit by dressing in the style and period of the 1920's, or at least, 'dress to impress' to make the event as special as possible for you all, whatever you are celebrating.

We supply the storyline, the actors, props, clues, back stories of the characters, which are both humorous and informative, also clue and answer sheets and even pencils!

We would aim to arrive on the day at least 1 hour prior to when the guests arrive, and would have previously made a site visit in advance in order to be able to adjust our performance to best suit your needs and environment.

Call us on Freephone 0800 7813452 or email to discuss your requirements in more detail.